Five Authors I Want to

There are so many authors out there whose works I have yet to read more than one book by. A lot of these authors I’ve only discovered within the last year or so, and it kills me that I’ve only really read a single work by each. Thankfully, each of those single works left quite a strong impression on me. Here’s who I’d like to read more by:
Morgan Matson/Kate Finn
I own a few books by her, including Since You’ve Been Gone and the first Revenge novel. I ADORED Amy and Rodger’s Epic Detour and it made me cry like a big baby. I’ve heard from others that Second Chance Summer also fits the bill for a book that could potentially bring one to tears. Everyone I know loves her novels, so I think only having read one is kind of a large disservice. The question is: which should I read next? (No really, tell me!)
Cammie McGovern
Although she only has two books out currently and one more on the way, Cammie McGovern impressed me with her abilities to discuss disability. It’s not a topic that is focused on frequently enough in young adult, and yet she’s novel provided two novels that showcase how important disability is in terms of diverse reading. I LOVED A Step Towards Falling, and I do have Say What You Will and an ARC of her forthcoming novel Just My Luck. I feel like I need to push both of these to the top of my TBR pile soonish.
Jay Kristoff
Confession time: I have a hardcover of Stormdancer on my TBR shelf and I’ve had it since it released back in 2013. It was totally a case of “Ooooo pretty cover!” syndrome (something which I’ve remedied in the last few years). The idea of Japanese Steampunk is quite intriguing, but I still haven’t read it yet. His short story in Slasher Girls & Monster Boys was easily one of the best in the collection (which I am sad to say, was a collection I did not enjoy), and while I don’t think Illuminae is as brilliant as everyone else thinks (unpopular opinion: it’s not. See System Shock 2), I was still intrigued even after I finished the book to potentially see what else he has written.
Ryan Graudin
Wolf by Wolf is easily one of the best reads I’ve tackled in 2015. Intense, clever, and an interesting take on alternate WWII history (and that ending? Holy crap that ending). I loved that book to pieces, and while I am not interested in her YA fantasy series, she put out a different novel last year that I have been meaning to get to: The Walled City. When I was in university I studied East Asian history and this is a time period I’m quite familiar with. Part of me wants to see her take on it, because I have heard nothing but fantastic things.
Una LaMarche
I ADORED Don’t Fail Me Now, which released back in September. That book not only had me in stitches, but it made me bawl like a baby. I’ve heard her other novels are just as emotionally gut wrenching and intense as Don’t Fail me Now, so clearly as someone who likes to be emotionally invested in her reading… yeah, I need to get on this train FAST.
What are some authors who you’d like to read more works by? I’d love to know in the comments.

One thought on “Five Authors I Want to Read More By

  1. Amy

    I so want to read Stormdancer! Is seems like such an awesome take on fantasy/sci-fi! I’ve read Cammie McGoverns Say What You Will and although I had some issues with the ending I loved the rest of it! I’ve been meaning to pick up A Step Towards Falling! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Wolf by Wolf and I think I’m going to plan to buy it for next month!
    I’m the same way I find authors whom I really enjoy one or two of there books and I need to check out the rest of their stuff!


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