I always say that I feel like I haven’t posted in forever when I post that that’s usually because it’s true. Sammy is the best, and I mean BEST coblogger because she does a lot of the work for me and if she ever wants to stop (hint hint) she should just throw her arms up in the air and be like FOR REAL DO MORE WORK.

WARNING! This post is going to be a bit more personal than usual. Yes there will be books, but lots of personal stuff too. BEWARE!

But I am very, very thankful for what she does. Not only is Sammy my coblogger, but she’s my friend of over 10 years. We met on livejournal (yes we are THAT old) and became close again a few years ago when we both started to read (eat? devour? consume?) books and review them. (TANGENT: does anyone else who reviews books rate like, EVERYTHING ELSE in their lives now? I find myself constantly asking my husband how many stars my cooking is…) I asked her to be my coblogger a few summers ago and she’s stuck around and has been amazing. Now we email and text and tweet each other about books and non-book things. She’s a great personal support to me and listens when I talk about my anxiety with people and relationship issues. She constantly sends me cute puppy pictures when I need to be cheered up and I love her!


2015 has been a very interesting year and I swear wasn’t it just New Years and we were JUST buried under 100 feet of snow??? So much happened this year! I got a new job, husband and I moved to a new apartment and started to seriously work on some of the issues that have plagued us since we first started this journey to the USA together, I tried harder to participate in my family even though I’m still 12 hours away (at least this time it’s by car and not airplane), I made friends, I challenged myself to read books differently than I have before, and I tried to make myself a better person overall. I didn’t achieve all of my personal goals, and I’m sure that when I look at my bookish goals for this year that I didn’t quite realize them all… but that’ s okay! I’ll look back and learn and see what worked and what didn’t. That’s… kinda been the theme of this year to be honest.


Two things that have happened this past year that I am so thankful for are the new friends that I’ve made and the improvements to my current relationships. I’ve always, always been horrible at keeping in touch with people, my family included. Husband and I have had our ups and downs but moving here was not the cure-all we’d expected it to be and we’ve had to work extra hard this year to really get to where we want to be. He’s doing well academically (really well, like scary well) and I feel like we’re really solid now. I also feel like we’ve found our borders when it comes to independence. I’ve been very dependent on him in the past and he’s been incredibly dependent on me since moving to the USA and I feel like we’re finally getting a handle on things and becoming more independent. Which has lead to me trying to make friends.

In Japan I had a good group of friends but then I moved from Tokyo to Tokai and we all became displaced. Since I am the worst at staying in touch if they weren’t on Twitter or Facebook they slowly faded from my life. See, the worst. While living in Tokai I didn’t bother trying to make friends because I knew that we were only going to be there for two years and I didn’t want anyone else to disappear from. So when we first moved to Boston husband encouraged me to make friends. I didn’t try at first because things were still unstable and I was getting used to the USA again. But this past year I’ve started to go out (to book events) and I even overcame my social anxiety to talk to people and managed to actually MAKE FRIENDS! And I am so grateful for them!


Five things I’m thankful for:

  1. Health: This year my eye doctor cleared me for ONE FULL YEAR. Yes I don’t have to go back for a year. This is HUGE for me. She even said that my disease seems to be chilling out.
  2. My home! Earlier this year things were VERY stressful because husband and I were very unhappy with our living situation. We finally found a place we love and we’re really happy here.
  3. Friends: see above! Special shout out to Boston Melissa, NY Melissa, Mackenzi, Nicole & Ellie for hanging out with me at book events and having awesome parties. I can’t wait to get to know everyone more!
  4. Paying off my goddamn student loan and getting a new job.
  5. Family: there were a lot of ups and downs this past year but I feel like things are good.

And last but not least… books. Lots and lots of books. PILES OF THEM.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving guys!!! And if you’re writing NaNo… may the words ever be in you favor!

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Ellie

    I’m So glad to have met you!! I’m also not as social and am trying to work on that more, especially in the upcoming year. Hope we get to hang out a lot more! 😀


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