Three Middle Grade Authors I Discovered in 2015

2015 has been a great year of a reading for me. While I’m almost at four hundred books on my Goodreads goal (with half of those being comics and graphic novels, let’s not kid ourselves), I’ve discovered a lot of great new reads, and some authors who I’m now working through their entire back catalogue. Here’s a few of the writers I discovered in 2015.
Susin Nielson
I had the pleasure of being sent a copy of “We Are All Made of Molecules” for review back in the Spring, and I loved it. It was my first exposure to Nielson’s writing outside of Degrassi, and I just found myself loving how open and honest her portrayal of families was. Since then, I’ve now read “Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mother” and “Word Nerd,” both which I found to be equally fantastic. Nielson really knows how to make her readers laugh, and the humour is simply genuine.
Jacqueline Woodson
Like many recent converts, the book that hooked me to Woodson’s writing was “Brown Girl Dreaming.” After reading that book, it’s easy to see why it won every award ever and how it teaches so much about racism, inequality, youth, family and friendship. Woodson’s style is easy to engage with, it’s both beautiful as it is powerful, and I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed many of her other novels since “Brown Girl Dreaming.” If I could recommend any others by her, I’d say “Locomotion” and “From the Notebook of Melenin Sun” would definitely be up there.
Jennifer L. Holm
My darling middle grade book pusher and confidant Vikki VanSickle introduced me to the works of Jennifer L. Holm with “The Fourteenth Goldfish,” which was simply delightful. I also took out “Sunny Side Up” her recent graphic novel that she collaborated on with her brother, and equally found that to be an engaging read. Jennifer L. Holm’s books read like they are a comfortable blanket — simple on the surface, but more complex as you unravel the blanket. I definitely plan on checking out more of her books, especially her acclaimed Babymouse series.
And with that, I want you guys to recommend me some middle grade for my 2016 TBR! What are some titles I could look into? Who are some authors worth discovering? Let me know in the comments.

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