Second Opinion – The Good Sister by Jamie Kain

21847086Title: The Good Sister

Author:  Jamie Kain

Rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis: The Kinsey sisters live in an unconventional world. Their parents are former flower-children who still don’t believe in rules. Their small, Northern California town is filled with free spirits and damaged souls seeking refuge from the real world. Without the anchor of authority, the three girls are adrift and have only each other to rely on.

Rachel is wild. Asha is lost. Sarah, the good sister, is the glue that holds them together. But the forces of a mysterious fate have taken Sarah’s life in a sudden and puzzling accident, sending her already fractured family into a tailspin of grief and confusion. Asha has questions. Rachel has secrets. And Sarah, waking up in the afterlife, must piece together how she got there.

Huge thank you to St. Martin’s Press for sending me a copy to review!

River’s Review:

I adored this book! I was NOT expecting to love it as much as I did. Going into it all I knew was that there were three sisters, one of them died (I assumed that a drunk driver hit her) and the hippie parents weren’t much help to the two left-over daughters. I thought this was going to be a feel-good come together happy book and wow. Nope. Not even that.

I also wasn’t expecting the multi-POVs. I guess they made sense. I normally don’t like the whole “view from the dead person” POV, but this worked and it was in there JUST enough that it didn’t get to be TOO much and I liked that.

The voices in this were brilliant. I usually hate multi-POV because I can’t keep track of who-is-who on voice alone. I had no trouble with this. Asha’s was young and unsure and curious. Sarah’s was mature and filled with guilt. Rachael’s was harsh and edgy. Each girl had a story to tell and they def. told it. Each girl also grew a lot in this book (yes even the dead girl) and I REALLY loved that.

The family dynamics in this were very interesting. The parents, Lena and Ravi, are former hippies who kinda went their own ways once their commune guru left the country. The girls grew up in this free love peace loving hippie society that lead them to their own individual independence, but it also left them without adults in their lives. The girls live with their mother, and their father “sold out” and got a job and a hair cut and a BMW. Lena is an awful parent who’s absent a lot of the time because she just can’t deal with her life. She slowly starts to “sell out” as well and ends up with some dude, basically abandoning her children. Usually this type of situation doesn’t seem very realistic to me, but with the whole hippie commune background it worked. And the damage done to the children is there and it is shocking.

Overall I really enjoyed the different stories and secrets each sister had and how they deal with their demons and grew for it. The writing was fantastic and I found myself unable to put this book down!

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