Bookish & Blogging Resolutions for 2016

If you can all believe it, 2016 is happening in a few days and if I’m being honest: I still haven’t read everything I wanted to read. I realize it’s impossible to read everything you want to read, but dammit, I tried. I thought I’d try to layout some resolutions this year and see how I do. I’m not the best at keeping resolutions, but I’m going to try.

  1. In 2015 I participated in the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge, and I did not complete it. I was one book away from completing it, but it was a book I just wasn’t in the mood for. Part of my issue is I am a mood reader, and if I don’t feel in the mood for the book I am reading, I set it aside until I’m ready to read it. Considering I read 400+ books in 2015, I think it’s okay to have not completed this challenge. What I learned from the Book Riot Challenge is that while it’s great to read things out of your comfort zone, sometimes you just don’t want to be restricted to what you’re reading. So in 2016, I’m going to just work on reading whatever the heck I want and not make reading feel like a job.
  2. So my Goodreads Goal in 2015 was 311 books (which was the amount I completed in 2014). My goal for 2016 is going to be 200 books, and if I exceed that (which apparently is totally do-able because I am a crazy person), then I will bump it up. However, I’m not going to try to do 400ish books again because lets face it, you REALLY don’t remember what you read.
  3. Read at least 100 books from my personal TBR Shelf of Shame. I have roughly 200+ physical books that I haven’t read yet, and I’ve made it a priority to read what I can, and if it’s not a favourite or a book I want to loan to friends then I donate it to the public library I work at. I want to work on paring my shelves down, because I just own too many books. I want to read ALL of them, but I also need to make space!
  4. Participate in more read-a-thons. I LOVE read-a-thons and find them to be fantastic motivators to work through my TBR. Especially if they have challenges because it forces me to read some of the older stuff on my shelves, which I often need more encouragement to tackle. 2016 has a few read-a-thons I’m already aware of, so I’ll be diving in (Such as #TBRTakedown!)
  5. To not be bound to my ARC pile. River and I get a stupid amount of ARCs in the mail — we love reviewing books for you guys, but I do find that sometimes I tend to put my ARC pile over my regular reading pile and that’s kinda bad given that it means I don’t tackle my personal books as much. I usually try to do one ARC, then a personal book, then an ARC again and for the most part that methods works, but sometimes I want to just read what I want when I want.
  6. Less library books. So fact about me: I’m a library technician who works in both an academic library and a public library. Guess who brings books home from work a lot. Yeah, this is pretty tough for me, especially because when I’m doing rovering reference I tend to find stuff on the shelves that I’m like “Oooooo I need to borrow this” and then I do, and then I neglect my personal book piles. Currently I have four books out, so once I read those, I think I’ll just do stacks of four that way I’m not going too crazy with my holds. We’ll see though.
  7. Finish at least five series. I love my book series, and I always end up in the middle of too many at once. I want to just sit down and finish a few, or at least get myself caught up in the series if it’s incomplete. There’s nothing worse than starting a series you enjoyed and then being like, “Why haven’t I read the next one yet?” especially when you own it. The five series I’d like to catch up on/finish are: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (I just need to read Winter!), The Reckoners trilogy (just need to read Calamity when it releases) by Brandon Sanderson,  The Fairyland series by Cathrynne M. Valente (just need to read books 4 and 5!), the Salavage duology by Alexandra Duncan (I own both books, just need to sit and read them!) and lastly, the Dreamdark duology by Laini Taylor because I have had them forever.
  8. Read more Adult Fiction. Since I started blogging with River, my main focus has been on YA and Middle Grade (mainly because in my public library work that’s the demographic I work with), so adult fiction tends to get pushed aside. Sadly thing is, I LOVE IT. Especially a meaty fantasy series, so I need to get back on this train. Hell, even some non-fiction would be good too!
  9. Write more personal posts. I used to do this all the time and now it’s something I hardly do. I’m a bit shy when it comes to talking about myself, mostly due to my anxiety or because I’ve been burned by people in the past. Reviewing and blogging helps me work all of that out, but I’m still nervous about talking personally about myself. Hopefully I can break this habit and try to share more personal stuff (even if it’s slightly bookish too) too.
  10. Just continue to love reading and blogging. I love this community so much and River has been an amazing piece of encouragement for me, especially for bouncing ideas off of, venting, and just goofing around and being silly. She’s a huge part of why I do things here, and I love sharing my reading experiences with her. Reading is something that keeps me grounded, and while I have no desire to ever be a published author, reading is not just for pleasure as it’s a huge part of my library work. I want it to be more pleasure based again though, and that’s something I need to work on balancing.

What are some of your bookish resolutions? I’d love to know if any of what I’ve posted above is something you struggle with or if it’s something you also want to work on. Here’s to a fantastic 2016, full of happiness and good books!

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