River & Sam’s Fave Books of December

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! While 2015 has come and gone, and we now enter 2016, it’s time to share what River and I’s favourite reads from December were. I think River’s alone will surprise a lot of you.

River’s Pick:

18007564The Martian
by Andy Weir

What the heck? River picked an adult fiction novel? Who is this woman and where did my fangirly co-blogger go? All kidding aside, I need to read this book, and the space fangirling I got via Twitter for this book only sealed that need to read this book further. I am so happy that River enjoyed this book and it’s definitely one I’ll need to make time for in 2016.

Sam’s Pick:


Firsts by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

While I had quite a few five-star reads in December, this was the book I kept thinking about after I had finished it and am still thinking about. It’s a very strange book with some very important topics being discussed. I won’t go into too much detail, just know that we are doing a blog tour post for this book where I express a lot of the emotions this book left me with. It comes out TODAY! So definitely check it out either from your library or grab a copy from your local book store.

2015 was a roller coaster year for reading. I read 419 books (well this including graphic novels) and River read 159 books. I think these are QUITE the accomplishments, wouldn’t you say? Let us know in the comments what your favourite book in 2015 was, and what your reading goals are! We’d love to hear about them.

3 thoughts on “River & Sam’s Fave Books of December

  1. citygirlscapes

    419 books?! Holy moly! Well done! I was going to comment on The Martian, but I got a bit sidetracked with that stat. 🙂 I haven’t read The Martian yet, but I watched the movie over the holidays and LOVED it. Usually I hate reading a book after seeing the movie (prefer to read it first), but it was so interesting that I still really want to read it. – ashley

    1. samcmar Post author

      Heh! Well a lot of that number came from my long commutes last year for library school and then when I got my library job in the city. The train is really a great place to read since you know it’s an hour of uninterrupted time. I also read a lot of graphic novels too, which may have bumped that number up quite a bit too!

      I am with you about seeing a movie before reading the book. Like you, the idea of not reading the book before hand freaks me out a bit! But I’ve heard so many good things about the film and book so, I’m excited either way!

      Happy New Year, Ashley and thanks for your awesome comments!


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