Let’s be real friends, I hardly ever blog anymore. Sure I write reviews and Sammy (the best coblogger in the world) posts them but my actual presence over here is lacking. And here’s the thing, I want to blog. It’s just such a hassle because I have to think of a topic, get some images, take some photos and then put it all together. And I just don’t always have the energy for that.

So I’m not gonna do it. Ya’ll like to read books, so you can read my blog text and take it or leave it. I figure the only way I’m going to blog is if I do it the way I want to. Maybe I’m old school (more like just old) but when I started blogging it wasn’t about gifs and being as witty as possible. It was about writing down your thoughts and feelings. And that’s what I’m going to do.

Guys, I can’t believe that it’s 2016. I just renewed my lease on the apartment that I feel like I JUST moved into. My one year anniversary for my “new job” is in three months. My husband just finished his masters thesis (and got all A+s in his classes, boom!) I wrote 2000 words of my Japan Novel for the first time in two years. Time, what are you.

January was an odd month. A lot of famous people died and everyone was sad. It snowed once here in Mass and then it was 40 the next day and all the snow melted. I went to ALAMW and it was AH-MAY-ZING. Yesterday I went to the launch party of my friend Emily’s book, THE YEAR WE FELL APART. I’ve hung out with friends and eaten a lot of good food. I went to Chinatown with husband. We ate sushi and watched a shit ton of anime.

And I’ve read 15 books so far. And while reading I started to think about my reading habits and my likes/dislikes when it comes to YA and how I rate stuff. I came to realize that last year I was reading and rating emotionally. Now that I have more writer friends and we talk about books in a different way I’ve noticed that I’ve started to read more critically. And my ratings are reflecting that… so I think this year I’m going to rate more honestly and read more critically. Sure I’ll let myself get swept up in feels (I just finished The Serpent King and the writing was awful but holy shit the story and characters were amazing and I gave it an honest 5-star rating) and read emotionally, but I think that I’ve grown as a reader and I like that.

I also think that it’s important because I would really like to get back into writing my Japan Novel. I put it aside while moving to the USA and then just kept putting it aside and making up excuses. I’m not going to hold myself to any set standards or goals, but I just would like to finish a first draft by the end of the year. I’m having fun thinking about it again, and I’ve even come up with some fun new things that I want to do with it. I’ve also decided that I’m going to re-write it from the very start. I know that my writing has to have matured in the past two years. And I’ve changed as a person. So I think a fresh start will be good for me, my characters and the story I want to tell.

And that’s about it I guess. I just wanted to write something for the blog and I did. I apologize for being such a bad blogger friend too, I know that I suck at responding to comments and visiting other blogs… but I guess that’s what social media is for… hehe.



6 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Stephanie Karin

    Oh my GOD I feel this so hard. Sometimes I think I’m more in love with the IDEA of being a blogger than actually blogging. I have so much to say and I genuinely enjoy having an internet presence (I mean duh, how many hours did we used to spend on livejournal??), but the process of sitting down and doing it and making it pretty and adding all sorts of extra touches (links and pictures and blah blah) and constantly thinking oh I better take photos of this in case I want to talk about it later! Just….daunts me.

    1. river Post author

      Oh man I can totally understand this. I love the idea of it but then the actual execution… I don’t know how people have TIME for it! When I was doing my fashion blog I used to spend entire nights taking photos and uploading them and replying to comments… now I just don’t have the time.

      1. Stephanie Karin

        Yes!! Because while I love the end result I’m like….the whole putting it together but is like more WORK. And I want to blog because it’s FUN, and what I do NOT want is to spend two hours fussing with layouts and html and shit that takes up all the time I’d rather be relaxing. I swear I have no patience for technology anymore hahaha. And I want to comment and talk to be but like….also it’s just so much time and effort to be an internet presence haha. Sigh.

  2. Annabeth Gabe

    I’m glad you are writing again! I’ve actually been thinking about you lately (in a completely non-creepy way), since I decided to participate in this past NaNo, because I remembered you and Cori doing it in college and me thinking you guys were crazy. (And then I remembered THOSE stories we wrote and decided reread mine to see if I’d been any good at writing and melted into a puddle of shame-goo.) Anyway, when you get to the point where you’re looking for feedback, I freely offer my beta reading services if you want them!

    I definitely relate to your more critical reading tendency. I’ve found myself doing the same. I was worried that learning more about story structure and reading critically would make me enjoy books less because I was miserable as an English major, but I think it’s given me a much better appreciation of books instead, and I’m so glad!

    Also, I too will never get on the flashy blog picture-ness bandwagon. I openly admit that I am far too lazy for that!

    ~ Anna-la

    1. river Post author

      Oh wow! How did NaNo go? I did it too but quit around 30,000 words because I wrote the ending and then didn’t feel like filling the rest in, lol. But the thing I’m working on now is something I’ve been working on for a few years… it takes place in Japan so I’d love it if you’d beta it (someday~ lol) cuz I’ll need all the “Japan eyes” on it that I can get.

      LOL omg THOSE STORIES. I actually found one of my NaNo’s that I wrote during that time and read it and it was SO HILARIOUS!

      I feel like a lot of the time when I read YA I get super invested in it emotionally but not really think too much about the actual writing and story (which is duh, what I went to school for!) so now that I’m spending time with more writers it’s really fun to talk about things more critically. And I think it’s making reading more fun!

      1. Annabeth Gabe

        NaNo was… an experience, lol. And exhausting! (I keep meaning to write a blog post about it, but it hasn’t happened yet. Oh well!) I decided to do it the last few days of Sept and one month was NOT enough time to both learn story structure AND brainstorm AND plan a novel (because I suck at pantsing). When I got down to writing, I couldn’t get past the first few scenes because my MC didn’t want to do the things I needed her to do to get my planned plot moving because I had no cause and effect going on with what I’d planned out. So I got like 20k words in and completely gave up on my plan. And then I did 30k words experimenting with voice and doing character sketches, so I did get to 50k, but not by actually writing a story, lol. I still really like my characters and the basic premise, so I will try again this year, and I’ll be a lot better prepared! And I won’t break my back to make word count, because I discovered it’s pretty easy to fry my brain that way. But at least NaNo got me connected with my local writing community, so now I’m writing a short story for the anthology the group is putting out later this year (yay!).

        But I look forward to (someday) beta reading your Japan novel!

        I remember enjoying your NaNo’s! I think I remember a space one that was kind of trippy lol. And I remember hating Cori’s because she just pasted her essays in. XD

        I’m still hoping to make more writer friends. I’m in this writer’s group now but I’m not FRIENDS with anyone yet. It’s a start though! 🙂

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