End of the Month Round Up!

Every month in 2016, I’ve asked my co-blogger, River, to select a shelf from the TBR Shelf of Shame. I thought by having her select a random shelf for me every month, it would force me to start reading what I owned, as well as encourage me to try titles that may have been sitting on my shelf for awhile.

For the month of January, she selected my ARC shelf (purely by chance, might I add). Here’s how the shelf looked at the beginning of the month…


And now for the after shot…


Does it look like my pile has gone down? It’s kind of hard to say. What really matters is I managed to read quiet a few ARCs this month that were coming due. While I didn’t tackle as many ARCs during #TBRTakedown (which I’ll discuss in a moment), I did read nothing but during #RYBSAT (Read-Your-Book-Shelf-A-Thon) which happened from January 19th to the 23rd. Here’s a shot of my TBR for that event:

CY78uEAWsAAtZieI managed to get through…


I also participated in #TBRTakedown 3.0 at the beginning of January, and I managed to get through everything as shown, EXCEPT for my out of my comfort zone selection, which I didn’t make it to. I’m still proud of the amount I read,

One of my biggest distractions from me reading my own books is going to the public library. Scratch that — it’s working at the public library. Whenever I have a shift at my local library, I get completely distracted by new books we get in, as well as books that I’m searching for when doing reference requests for patrons. I love that I am an avid supporter of the public library, but the main issue is simply me not reading my own books. I still have about three books out from the library, but my ultimate goal in February is to borrow NO BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY. I think I can manage this because my goal is to knock out at least ten books from my personal TBR that are NOT ARCs or library books. I want to start reading more of what I own, and if I don’t enjoy it, I’m going to get rid it. Shelf space is at a premium and I need it!

Anywho, this is what I accomplished this month… on top of a pile of comics. Perhaps I should do another comics round up for you all (if it’s something you’ve found helpful) because I’ve read a lot of great stuff worth sharing recently. I hope February is as productive a reading month as January was!

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