Book Chat – Falling Back In Love With Manga

Growing up I used to be a huge anime and manga fan. I used to consume it like it was candy. Then somewhere in the land of getting older and crustier, I stopped enjoying and perusing both mediums. My husband still religiously (and to this day) follows anime and manga, but somehow I fell super out of love with it.

In 2016 when I got my new job at the library, I gained a work!wife who reintroduced me back in manga. She constantly recommends new titles to me stuff she’s enjoyed, as well as stuff the teens at our local branch have been devouring as well. We also bonded over old anime classics like Saiyuki, and newer  shows like Yuri On Ice!!! My friend and co-worker did this amazing job of accidentally rekindling my love for manga and anime. Now, I struggle to stop.

Admittedly, I borrow a lot of manga from my work and that’s just because there is so much of it out there that it’s hard to keep up. It also gets insanely expensive as well. But I am finding that I am getting more and more into it. Especially when I see the kinds of manga that I am trapping for holds, or just what the teens come and talk to me about. It’s AWESOME. I now find myself completely down the rabbit hole for Haikyu, which is my friend’s favourite at the moment. I recently devoured Steins;Gate, which made me so happy considering I got a different ending in the video game than the one the manga implies is canon. I feel like anime and manga is back to those golden years where I was super in love with it. She also recommended Food Wars, and I am currently keeping up with Danganronpa as it releases in English.

I am just so happy with the amount of diversity in manga now. I was starting to worry for the longest time that it was mainly going to be moe and nothing but, and yet it’s so great to see the variety of titles that exist in English, as well as the popularity a lot of these series, old and new, still have. I admit, Haikyu for example is bringing me back to that dangerous fangirl territory I was in back when I loved Prince of Tennis. Reading Danganronpa reminds me how much I love the video games, and reading JUDGE instilled fear in me in a way which I didn’t think was entirely possible.

So dear readers of this blog who are manga fans: what are some manga out there that you can recommend for someone who is slowly getting back into the hobby? I’d be curious to know what some of the favourites are!

3 thoughts on “Book Chat – Falling Back In Love With Manga

  1. LairOfBooks

    I am just getting into Manga myself, years ago I was big into anime but adulting got in the way. Now I am on the look out for manga recommendations since I only recently acquired the more known ones like Orange & Fruits Basket. I will def come back to see what you’ve come across 😉

    P.S. Haikyu looks like SO much fun, enjoy!

    1. samcmar Post author

      Adulting seems to have that magic ability to make us forget or not prioritize things you love! How is Orange? I keep hearing really get things about it, and I LOVED Fruits Basket when I read it years ago. It’s a joy!

      And yes! Check out Haikyu! It is just SO MUCH FUN and it makes no bones about how delightful and silly it can be. 🙂 If you come across anymore great manga, let me know!

      1. LairOfBooks

        It sure does! lol but sometimes that’s just what we need. I’m feeding my need for all things manga & now K dramas which I’ve just been introduced to. i haven’t read Orange just yet although I own both volumes smh. I’ll let you know when i do & if I come across any good ones. Fruits Basket seems to be a popular one, may give it a shot 🙂

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