Book Piles By the Month (Round 2!)

Awhile back I changed the first five months regarding what I’ve read from my own collection for the year. I have been so bad about reading my own books as of late because there’s always so many wonderful new books coming through at the library and I find it’s so easy for me to take them home and read them before my own. So for November I’ve put all my books on pause to see if I can successfully knock out a chunk of books from my own collection. We shall see considering I have lots of ARCs to read too to catch up on my outstanding reviews.

I swear the piles never end! Speaking of piles, here’s the piles from June to October went for knocking stuff out of my personal collection of books.


June was a decent pile, though nothing like I’ve done in the past. I think this was when my library holds were beginning to get worse.


This is a healthy looking pile of completed books, yes? YES!


August was a good month for knocking books out. Look at this beautiful stack! It was like I hermit all month and did nothing but read! (Which, is not true though I wish it had been)


September saw me reading less books compared to August, but I did finish the chunker Needful Things which took me a few months.


And then October saw me read a really, really small stack of my own books. It was kind of pathetic really, given that I had too many library books out and focused all my attention of those. BUT NOT IN NOVEMBER, NOT THIS TIME. Again, I liked a lot of what I read so that was great, but I wish I had read more of my own stuff. There are also two read-a-thons I am going to try and participate in this month which are #TBRTakedown (Nov. 17th to 22nd) and #TomeTopple (Nov 17th to 30th).

We’ll see how November and December go. I feel like that will be scramble time for all the titles I wanted to finish and didn’t get to. The book lists in my goals journal are a bit… ambitious to say the least. Pray for me, readers.

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