Book Shelf Challenge 2020!

Last year, I fell off the wagon in my book shelf challenge. I was determined that last year I would read more books I owned than library books. I fell off the wagon somehow. It usually happens near the end of the year when I find there is so many books that get recommended to me at work by colleagues or through End of the Year/Best of Lists. I also ended up getting more ARCs throughout the year and books for Christmas than I anticipated. Here’s how my shelves currently look:

My goal if I can swing it this year and be more consistent is to remove the pile of books off of the floor. If I read enough books from all three areas, I feel like I can read enough to not have a pile on the floor anymore, which honestly, has upset me for awhile. I do regularly prune my collection for stuff I don’t want anymore and when I’ve read books from my shelf, I’ve mainly been donating them to my work, reselling them, or donating them to schools in my area rather than keeping them. I’m still aiming towards having less stuff in my home and working through my low waste life-style, but books have just always been sentimental.

Last year, however, it felt amazing to donate/sell/share/purge, and I didn’t feel sad because I only kept the books I knew I wanted to loan to friends or would likely reread. Friends have suggested books from my shelves that they think I will enjoy, so I definitely am going to start there. My goal is to read at least fifty books from these piles. Think it’s doable? Let me know your goals for the year as I’d love to know what your reading and decluttering plans are!

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