Cherry Blossoms & Maple Syrup is a (mostly) young adult book review blog. Molly currently resides in Cambridge, MA and she USED TO live in Japan. Sam blogs from Canada. The two have been friends for many many years, having met online back in high school (don’t worry, we’ve met in person since then!).

Molly started this blog on her own after leaving the lifestyle/fashion blogging world. She slowly morphed this site from a personal blog into a book blog, taking Sam on as a co-blogger in summer 2013. Since then they’ve slowly built a tower of advanced reader copies that they are loving and cursing (and reading!) at the same time.

Sam and Molly are crazy about books, music, video games (well, Sam is crazy about those), US TV shows, and blogging.

They hope to provide you with interesting book discussions, coverage of book events, honest reviews of up-and-coming books, peeks into our own personal lives, and more!

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