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Book Chat: Books I am Craving


First off, I am not taking any credit for the originality of this post. In fact, Liz from Consumed By Books shared over at her blog the “Top Ten Books I Plan to Read Before 2013 Is Over.” Her post definitely left me thinking: considering the backlog shelf of doom, what are some books I am craving to read before the year is through? I pulled a few off my shelf and decided to share a few that have been catching my eye.

1) Blood of Tyrants, by Naomi Novik — I’ve been a huge fan of her work since “Her Majesty’s Dragon,” and although I wasn’t fond of the last two books in this series, the idea of talking dragons never ceases to entertain, and I find myself always going back to this series willingly with each new installment.

2) The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson — My love for Sanderson’s world, characters and writing holds no bounds. I always know when I pick up one of his books I’m going to devour it, fall in love with it, and then try to pass it off to everyone person I know because I can. He’s just knows how to craft worlds with characters that feel so real, and it’s something I truly appreciate. Considering this came out in May, I’m truly shocked I haven’t dove into this one yet.

3) The Beginning of Everything, by Robyn Schneider — I feel like everyone and their mother has been gushing about this book. I adore contemporary, the buzz is hot, so I figured why not list it? I ended up winning a copy of it through Team Epic Reads.

4) The Inexplicables, by Cherie Priest — I am a huge Clockwork Century fan, this book released last year and there’s a new one on its way… what is wrong with me? You think this one would have been read right now, but actually, I binged read the first four books and hit a bit of a burn out. This series is tons of fun with a great cast of characters. I look forward to digging into this one and Fiddlehead when it releases!

5) Countdown, by Michelle Rowan — This is a newer book to have hit my shelf and was sent to me by Eve Silver, author of RUSH. Back in August when I was working at Fan Expo, I had the chance to interview Eve and we got on the topic of great books for teen boys (since I teach a lot of teens, boys in particular, I was dying for recommendations). Eve suggested Countdown as a title to check out, but what I wasn’t expecting was it to appear in my mailbox. Thanks again Eve!

6) Cold Steel, by Kate Elliot — I adore the Spiritwalker trilogy, and I’m afraid to read this book because it means the series will be over. I’m not ready for that, but at the same time… curiosity always gets the cat.

7) The Time of Contempt, by Andrzej Sapkowski — I adore the Witcher series, and it’s been so long since we’ve had a novel in English (last one being The Blood of Elves). My excitement for this book and getting back in the saddle (tee hee, saddle) with Geralt has been long overdue. Hopefully more of this series will reach North America! Now if I could just get off my butt and play the games that would be good too.

8) Fly By Night, by Frances Hardinge I have a friend who absolutely adores this author work and have been told that she has a very poetic style of writing. I have both this and Face Like Glass (on my Kindle), but have read neither. I suppose it will be a toss up between those two books?

9) In Stitches, by Trent Seely — I admit it, I’m a jerkface. Trent is a very dear friend of mine and this is his first published novel and somehow I have not prioritized time for it. So I want to! I LOVE the cover of the book and the premise sounds adorkable. Hold me to this one you guys, hold me to it.

So there you have it! These are the nine books I am craving, and hope to tackle before the year is out. I still also have the small pile of borrowed books, my e-ARCs (Never Fade is done, I just need to review it!), all which need to be tackled as well. I hope to have some new ARC reviews soon, as well as a few other goodies. I’m curious to know what books are hiding in River’s pile that she hopes to finish by the end of year. Who knows? Maybe in December we’ll host a giveaway showcasing our fave books of 2013! So I leave you all with a question: what are some books YOU want to tackle before the end of this year? Feel free to leave thoughts in the comments, a blog post, share it with us. We’d love to know what you’re excited to tackle before the year is up.