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Hard to believe Halloween was just last weekend AND NOW IT’S OVER FOR ANOTHER YEAR! Ugh, it went by too fast. This YEAR has gone by too fast! I can’t believe that it’s almost 2016! So much has happened this past year and I am dizzy just thinking back about it.

So what did you guys do for Halloween? I made the BEST LIFE CHOICE ever and dressed up as my true self… er I mean…

H1Wednesday Addams!

I wore my costume to work the day before Halloween and won 3rd place in our costume contest! I was BEYOND pleased with how well this turned out!

Then on Halloween I went to a Halloween Book Swap at Mackenzi Lee’s (yes the author of THIS MONSTROUS THING GO BUY IT NOW) house. There were lots of bookish people there (as my husband calls us, “The Gang”) and everyone dressed up! I sadly didn’t get photos with everyone, but here are a few!

H3Mackenzi & I (She was one of the wives from MAD MAX: Fury Road)
H4Melissa & I (She was a Camp Half-Blood camper)H5Rachel & I (She was the Fox from the cover of FURIOUSLY HAPPY!)

There were like 10 or so of us in total and I’m really sad that I didn’t take more photos! Everyone looked so cool! We all ate and drank and chatted and relaxed and it was just a chill time with cool people and then…

H6BOOK SWAP! So I posted about our last book swap, back in June where a bunch of us got together, brought 10 books, and then laid them out on the floor. We then each got a number and went in a circle and got to choose a book! We decided to do this again and it was so fun! More people came so there were WAY more books this time. We all took turns, and sometimes people would steal books from each other (kinda like Yankee swap) and all while having really engaging bookish conversations. I am REALLY starting to love these parties!

H7Here are the books I ended up going home with! I am SO excited to read them all!

It was a really fun party and I’m so glad that I was able to go! I highly encourage getting your local book friends together and starting a swap group! It’s cheaper than #booksfortrade (postage wise), a great way to share books, AND it’s just fun to spend time with your people.

Did you do anything fun for Halloween? Tell me in the comments!

This Monstrous Weekend!

Hey guys! Sorry long time no post. As you know my life consists of hanging out with my husband in his AI lab and reading ALLL the books. This month I’ve done quite a bit of reading, but not a ton of reviewing… saving up for next month because I have a HUGE pile of books to review!

This past weekend was super bookish and super fun and basically ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAD HOPED FOR UPON RETURNING TO THE USA!!! I went to two book events and they were both AH-MAY-ZING.

First on Friday I took the day off from work and it was wondrous and I was lazy (okay so totally not) and ate lunch at my favorite cafe and cleaned my house and then went to pick up Melissa Giorgio from the train station!!! Melissa has been a friend of mine since high school but due to being out of the country we hadn’t seen each other since 2008, when she came to visit me in Tokyo. So yeah. Major reunion. She took the train up from NYC and got here around 3:00pm. We went back to Kendall Square, got her situated in her hotel room and then I took her on a tour of the MIT campus before we ate dinner and then went back to my place. She FINALLY met my husband and they chatted while I got ready for THIS MONSTROUS LAUNCH PARTY at Porter Square Books.

I’m sure you’ve all seen me tweeting about This Monstrous Thing by Mackenzi Lee. Mackenzi is a local friend and I was so excited that I could help support her new book. I’ve read the book (and reviewed it here) and I LOVE OLIVER SO MUCH OKAY. All last week I worked on what I dubbed THIS MONSTROUS SURPRISE which was…

TMT2This Monstrous Sign! (Omg I cannot stop with the puns! Not even sorry!) I drew it (first thing I’ve drawn IN YEARS) and I am SO pleased with how it turned out! I sat in the very front at her launch (it was PACKED!) and held it up when she first got up front and the expression on her face was priceless! I gave it to her as a present later on and I was so happy that she loved it! (as well as other people on social media! Woohoo!)

The launch was pretty awesome. Melissa Lee saved me a seat and me and my Melissas (Who will be Melissa Lee and Melissa G from here on) listened to Mackenzi wax poetically about Mary Shelly, Frankenstein and her awesome adventures in Europe. After Mackenzi was done reading and speaking everyone got in line to get their book signed. Thinking we’d wait out the rush Melissa Lee, Melissa G, and I went to do other things… which sadly was a shitty choice (another pun! if you’ve read the book.. read the book!) because we missed out on cookies and ended up waiting an hour in line!

But we did take some fun photos!

TMT3Melissa G, myself and Melissa Lee

IMG_1948Melissa Lee, Frankie & IIMG_1935This Monstrous Thing!!!!

It was not a late night because we had to all wake up early the next day for… BOSTON TEEN AUTHOR FEST!!!

No Typo

Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready. Melissa Lee was picking us up around 9, and I wanted to actually dress up since it seems like I NEVER get to dress fun anymore with work being a Professional Setting and weekends being super relaxed.

IMG_1958I was SO excited to wear my favorite black Murua shirt dress and this new pair of tights that I bought basically for the event. The text on them is very… interesting to say the least. I’m suspecting that they were made in Japan…

Melissa Lee came and got us and we arrived at the Cambridge Public Library a little bit before 10:00 AM, so we went to Starbucks where we ran into a horde of authors. We chatted with some of them in line and made friends with Adam Silvera (More Happy than Not) and Becky Albertalli (Simon Vs. the Homo-sapiens) who we then later kept running into (and Melissa Lee already knew them and had met a few times before).

btaf6All the authors!!!

btaf1Selfie with Adam and Becky!

btaf3Selfie with Kendall Kulper (Salt & Storm and Drift and Dagger), Adam, Mackenzi and some girls we don’t know!

btaf2Kissy kissy!

btaf4They gave out free copies of The August 5 and I got my copies of Blood and Salt and Salt & Storm signed.

I also ran into a few other authors I knew (one of them being Lori Goldstein; author of Becoming Jinn) and some other blogger/book friends. It was really nice to see everyone! And after hours of standing in line for Leigh Bardugo to sign ALL the books…

btaf5(Leigh Bardugo, Melissa G, Nicole Moy, half my head and Melissa Lee not pictured because DRIVING)

We gave her a ride to Porter Square Books. MOST EPIC CAR RIDE EVER!

So yeah. Pretty much Best. Day. Ever.

Recent Bookish Adventures

Hello! Look at me update! And not take six months to do it! So last month (June) and this month (July) have been rather bookish! In July I read something like 18 books and I’m now 28 books ahead on my goodreads challenge (to read 100 books). Holy crazy wow. Also last month I attended two book events here in Boston.

The first event was a children’s lit trivia night. I went with the lovely Mackenzi Lee and some other authors and book friends and while we did not win, we did exceptionally well (and I think we got like 4th place). I knew like two answers but hey, it was fun to go out and meet some new people.

After that Mackenzi and I set up the first Boston Book Swap (okay I’m sure it’s not THE FIRST but whatever, it’s the first of more that we plan to have!) we got the idea from the popular #booksfortrade on twitter and first it was just going to be the two of us swapping books but then we thought hey! let’s invite more people! So we (she) contacted all the book people we know in Boston (I know like, five, but more now!) and set up the party. Everyone was allowed to bring 10 books to trade. Sadly the day of the party was very stormy and rainy and not that many people wanted to trek out to Mackenzi’s place, so we only ended up with six people. But it was a TON of fun and there were A LOT of books!

IMG_1265All the books that were brought!

How it worked was like this: we each drew a number and then went around in a circle. You were allowed to choose one book from the floor OR you could steal a book from another person. Each book was allowed to be stolen three times. It took awhile and there were some hilarious steals but we all went home with lots of books!

IMG_1270All the books I ended up with! (Two were BEA gifts from Nicole and a few were extra’s given to me by Mackenzi)

I feel like the book swap was a success and I hope that more people will go next time!

This month I’ve been reading a lot as well, probably not as much as in June, but I DID get a huge ARC package from HarperCollins so I have A LOT of stuff to read…

IMG_1484IMG_1487I’m still in shock at how generous Harper was to me this month. This is my third time getting ARCs from them and this is the most I’ve gotten so far. I’m SO excited to read all of these, and a few are books that I have been DYING to read one of them being…

IMG_1486We are not surprised at all, now are we?

Again I cannot say how happy I am to be back in the USA where I can have the chance to participate in book events and make book friends and get physical ARCs. My bookish heart is filled and my bookish dreams are slowly being fulfilled.

Bookish things in Boston

Soooooooo last week I though that my computer was infested with a ghost or a virus or something because it was acting up, but now it seems to be okay :knock on wood: and I will attempt to post!

Bookish things have been going down for me and I am all right with this! Now that I work 9-5, live close to the T, and it’s not snowing every-other-second I can actually get out of my house and DO stuff. And stuff has been done!

IMG_0924On April 27th I went to Porter Square Books to Lori Goldstein‘s (the author of Becoming Jinn) book launch party! It was so awesome to finally meet her after having chatted on Twitter and through email. I loved her book (click on the link above to see my review). I also met up with some bloggers, one of them being Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. I’ve been dying to meet her since we started chatting on Twitter and it was awesome talking books with her!

The event was AWESOME! Lori talked about her book, her inspiration for it, what made her start writing, and then rather than reading from it she had some teen actors PERFORM A SCENE! It was really awesome and the girls who did the performance were wonderful! I really enjoyed it and thought it was a nice addition to the party.

After Lori was done talking we all basically socialized while Lori went around talking to people and signed their books. There was yummy food and wine too! And it was also really cool because there were other Boston authors there, and I approached Mackenzi Lee, author of the upcoming book This Monstrous Thing (which comes out in September). We somehow started fangirling about The Raven Boys (come on now, it’s me!) and that was the end of that!


IMG_0998 IMG_0964On May 7th I attended the Boston Teen Author Fest Sneak Preview, held at the Cambridge Public Library. I met up with fellow MIT book friend & blogger Lourdes from Unbound Books and we headed to the event together. We met up with a few other people there and the event started shortly after we arrived. It was just a preview of what’s to come in the fall when the festival is in full swing. The authors were all local, and I’d even read a few of their books!

At the start of the event they each told a little about their book and then read the first page. After that there was trivia; authors vs audience! I think that because there were a few MG novels in the mix that there were a lot more under-sixteens than I had expected, but that was so awesome to see! I loved that the younger girls knew so much! (They had most of the answers).

After the Q&A there was a raffle (I lost, Lourdes won!) and then social time with cookies and juice. I chatted with a few bloggers and authors, fangirled with Mackenzi about The Raven Boy’s again (again, it’s meeeeeeeee!) and ranted about the inaccuracy that I’ve been running across in books that are set in Asia. Sadly we had to leave at 9 because the library was closing but I ran out into the lobby and FINALLY GOT A LIBRARY CARD! Ah I SO excited to use it! I just… need to get through my seventy billion ARCs and the shelf of physical books… hehehe. But I WILL use it!

And that’s what’s up! Other than that I’ve been reading A TON (reviews will be posting soon!) and getting used to my new job. I really enjoy it! I keep telling myself it’s a cross between being a librarian and a CIA agent because I’m shelving documents (much as one would shelve books!) and everything is confidential. Uhhh yeah. Bye!






I met Rainbow Rowell. Just it almost killed me. AHHHHHHHH

First I must thank Sammy oh Sammy Sammy McSammy, my lovely coblogger, for keeping this place running while I’ve been MOVING ACROSS THE FREAKING WORLD. Last time I posted I was driving a huge truck around Michigan and playing with my niece all day everyday. Wellllll since then I’ve moved to Boston, bought a bike, had a bike accident, gotten a job, gotten a bed, furniture, and my shipment from Japan arrived! Woohoo.

Things have just been moving SO FAST and I need a moment to catch my breath. I started working way sooner than I thought (which is fine, because I REALLY wanted the job) but that meant I was working while trying to set up my house (so far we have bookshelves! Oh I can post a photo of those…)

bookshelfThough it looks different now that I have even MORE books on it but yes. There are two of these bookshelves (one is my husbands and it’s covered with all his text books and whatever), husband has a super fancy desk (it’s a glass top! And I assembled it!), roller chair, and then we have a dining table (hmmm, can’t find a photo on facebook so just imagine a cute table the color of ~cappuccino~ yeah idek either), a fancy lamp


annnnnd I think that’s it. I’m going to get a reading chair eventually (since it doesn’t look like a sofa will sit too well in our studio apartment)

Oh and here’s the view.


Sadly I cannot save all my photos from twitter on my computer so we’re just dealing with the ones that were also posted on facebook. ENJOY!

Anyway, so yes. I met Rainbow Rowell last night! One of the things that I was looking forward to THE MOST about coming back to the USA was BOOK EVENTS. I actually went to Fierce Reads on Thursday and met Ann Aguire, Caragh M. O’Brien, Marie Rutkoski and got copies of all their books and had them signed! It was my first book even (I don’t know if I should count the one time I met an author back in college or not) and I babbled like an idiot. I think I was MUCH smoother when talking to Rainbow (I told her about how Landline paralleled my life at the end of July –separated for husband for the longest time in our relationship, only way to communicate was through my parent’s landline and his ~magic~ skype connection, etc)– and she signed all of my books (and a copy of Fangirl for my sister) and we even took a photo (her idea! posted above).

Next weekend is the Boston Teen Author Festival and I managed to get half the day off from work so I’m going to go from the morning (9:00am!) and attend a writing workshop and the two morning events and then at lunch break I have to go to work. SADFACE. But I’m glad that I can go at all. And then after that I don’t think anything is happening until the Boston Book Festival, which I’m going to try to get the day off to go to the Teen day at least.

Now with all of this moving and settling and assembling furniture (I should have an honorary degree in engineering from MIT for all of this furniture that I’ve built!) and working full time my reading has SUFFERED. Also husband challenged me to read THREE non-YA books (I’m half way thru my last one!) so my TBR list and ARC list are crying and I am crying and I just can’t wait until like… it snows so that I can curl up inside and just read all the books or something (idk why I have to wait until it snows, I just feel like snow = curling up and reading).

Also for those of you who are curious, husband is LOVING MIT. He’s taking a class (grad students only have to take 4 classes in two years), working in his lab, and just spending all of his time researching and studying and he’s super happy about it.

And our new favorite thing is to order chinese delivery. HA.


River’s moving to BOSTON — MIT & the USA

mitIn case you can’t read what the inscription on this building says, I will spell it out for you:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You’ve heard of it right? Oh yes, because it’s super famous and hard to get into. And I am proud to say that my husband GOT IN. This fall he will be starting his PhD in Computer Science at MIT. And the two of us will be leaving Japan and moving to Boston to start the next phase of our life.

csailThe CSail building, where husband will be spending the next 5 years of his life researching about AI and robotics.

Let me take a moment to AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sometimes I still can’t believe that it’s real. When I met husband five years ago he couldn’t even speak English. But he told me that he wanted to go to the USA to get a PhD. To me it just seemed like something in the future that might happen. But to him, it was the first goal of many. And when he not only became fluent in English, but also began to take the tests that are required for graduate school (TOEFL & GRE) what seemed like an impossible dream to me was starting to become WAY more real. And it scared me. But also awed me. Watching someone strive for, and then reach their goal, it’s amazing.

IMG_4763Boston, MA March 2014

I wont lie, going through all of this with him was difficult. There were a lot of tears, a lot of blood, and buckets of sweat. It really tested our relationship, and I’m so happy that in the end, after two years (yes, it took that long to finish his applications — he applied to SIX schools, not only MIT) when the acceptances started to roll in (he was accepted for more than just MIT too) I wasn’t surprised. He worked hard, and he deserved it. And I’m so proud of him. And sorry not sorry but I can’t help but brag! (I even bought an MIT sweatshirt).

So what does this mean? Well, right now we’re just going through the preliminaries that international students need to study abroad (visa, vaccines, etc). We have housing (an on campus apartment) and now we just need to figure out when we’re going to move (sometime in July or August) and I need to find a job! (Anyone have any job leads in the Boston/Cambridge area? Book related????) I’m planning on getting some lame part time thing until I can find something better, but I’d REALLY love to work in a bookstore again. And then when we’re finally settled in…I’m going to focus on myself and kick my novel back into gear.

BOSTON PEEPS. Let’s be friends! I’m planning on going to ALL the book events EVER now that I’ll be back on US ground. And I’d love to have cohorts!