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Cover Reveal – The Shadow Stealer by Melissa Giorgio

It’s that time again! I dunno what it is about cover reveals, but I get so damn excited by them. Melissa Giorgio sent me an e-mail with a wonderful request, one which I get to fulfill right NOW! As many of you are aware, Melissa writes a series called The Silver Moon Saga, which you should ALL GO OUT AND READ. If you haven’t that is. Go, go read it. GO READ IT. NOW NOW NOW.

*Ahem* In any case, she asked me and River to cover the cover to the last novel in the series. The anticipated final book titled, The Shadow Stealer. Are you ready to see it? Okay…




LET’S JAM! (Excuse the Cowboy Bebop reference, or not, go watch that too.)


Add The Shadow Stealer to Goodreads shelf!

Can we talk about how beautiful this cover is? It is super pretty, and might be my new favourite of the five covers that exist. Such intensity in the model’s eyes. I like it! Wanna know what it is about? Here’s the blurb:

Ever since that fateful night Gabi Saw her first demon, she’s been questioning who and, better yet, what she is. When given a chance to find the answers she seeks, she seizes it, even if it means putting herself—and her beloved friends—in danger. 

From upstate New York to the streets of Manhattan, Gabi chases after the truth that has, until this point, remained out of reach. But when her whole world shatters, Gabi wonders if it would have been better to remain ignorant. Because once you know the truth, there’s no going back.  

In the final installment of the Silver Moon Saga, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for Gabi and her friends, and no one’s guaranteed a happy ending. Will Gabi triumph or will the shadows claim her for their own?

Ahhhhhh, I cannot wait to read this! And it’s actually coming out very soon: on  February 27th, 2015.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, I encourage you to do so. Here’s where you can start The Silver Moon Saga: Amazon.com (also available on Amazon.ca)

Book Review – A Promise of Magic by Melissa Giorgio

21899003Title: A Promise of Magic

Author: Melissa Giorgio

Rating: ★★★★ 1/2 / ★★★★

Synopsis: As a child growing up in California, Evan Underwood only has a basic knowledge of Silver Moon, the organization that keeps the world safe from demons. After accidentally setting his parents’ house on fire with magic, he’s sent to the New York Silver Moon HQ to learn how to control his powers. Frustrated by his teacher’s refusal to show him anything beyond magical theory, Evan decides it’s time to take matters into his own hands. But teaching himself magic isn’t as easy as Evan imagined, and it’s during one of these practice sessions that he’s discovered by Alexandra Chen, a strange girl Evan finds both frustrating and alluring. Making a promise to show Alex magic, Evan is determined to live up to her expectations, even if it means breaking a few rules in the process. But when things backfire, Evan must rely on his friends to help free him from the clutches of a new, sinister character.

River’s Review:

WELL THAT WAS FUN. And steamy! This is by far Giorgio’s sexiest book. Buuuuut it is mainly about Evan (who isn’t even the one getting the most steamy parts!) soooooooooo yeah.

So I liked this, I really liked this. It was really fun getting so much back story, seeing wittle Rafe & Evan becoming BFFs and all that. BUT I MISSED GABI SASSY PANTS OKAY. The feelings I got from just even reading the last story (the giddiness, the awwww, the hilarity) just weren’t quite there when I was reading the other two. There’s just something about Gabi’s voice! (And now I’m dying to read the last book. HURRY UP AND GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEE.) And her interactions with Rafe… PRICELESS.

But like I said, I really enjoyed getting all that backstory. Evan and Alex’s relationship was very sweet (and violent!) and I am looking forward to seeing what Collins’ deal is (expecting him to be a major player in the last book).

And Phill & Kain’s story was just. Damn. Steamy. Sexy. Hot Hot Hot. Like I said… sexiest book yet! (Now we just need Gabi and Rafe to get it on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right, maybe when they’re 35!)

Also this is my favorite cover so far! LOVE IT! (SHE LOOKS SO SASSY!)

Sam’s Review:

Holy steaminess, Batman! There be some sexiness in this book and it was won-der-ful. I loved all three of the stories in this collection, and it’s easily the sexiest of Melissa’s books to date, but such a fun, fun story.

Evan’s story was great and I loved the balance of humor and sadness within the story. Giorgio pulls no punches when it comes to the feels in this novella collection, and Evan’s story has it in spades. Also having all the scenes with bitty Evan and teenie Rafe just made me giggle! They are so cute and their relationship and how it blossoms is just really quite darling. It’s great to see different sides to both these characters, and having that look into their home lives was both depressing as it was interesting. Poor, poor Rafe!

Admittedly though, there was something that drew this back from being my favourite and that was the glaring absence of Gabi. Yes, she appears in the last story, but she’s a huge part of what makes this series as charming and entertaining as it is. Her sassiness was greatly missed and thee just wasn’t enough of it. Though any time a Gabi story starts in the Convenience Corral, you know it’s going to be a lot of fun.

This is a great collection for those loving <i>The Silver Moon Saga</i>, particularly those who adore Evan and Alex. Since I love all the characters there was a lot of enjoyment to be had, but the lack of my favourite girl made me sad. However, learning more about Evan? Pretty awesome. Check it out along with the rest of the series. It’s delightfully charming!

Book Review – An Autumn Dream by Melissa Giorgio

18710018Title:  An Autumn Dream

Author: Melissa Giorgio

Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis: Gabi, Rafe, and all of their friends are back in three exciting short stories that bridge the gap between books one and two of the Silver Moon Saga. Join them as they celebrate Halloween in A Sweet Treat—can they make it through the night without Gabi destroying her costume? Find out what Rafe’s really afraid of in Indiana Rafe, a story told exclusively from his perspective. And in An Autumn Dream, Gabi struggles to make amends with a painful part of her past. Filled with laughter and tears, demon battles and plenty of kissing, this novella is a must read for fans of The Sight Seer!

River’s Review:

I LOVED IT! Would a keyboard smash suffice as a review because aldjfalkdjfaljkdsflasdjfla!

No for real, I was so excited when I heard that this was coming out. Gabi and Rafe and Evan they all just make me so happy. The world of The Silver Moon Saga is just so… happy-making. idek. I love the characters, I love the simplicity of everything, but the immense depth of it all as well. I love the characters and their relationships. And the dialogue. I really really love the dialogue.

So there are three short stories in this… the first one his Halloween themed and Gabi and Rafe go to a school dance. UGH THE FEELS. I was instantly transported back to all of the lame high school dances I went to. Tho we never had a costume dance for Halloween! I loved the images and the feeling and maybe because it was just Halloween and today is a freezing cold fall day I was able to just immerse myself in everything. And omg Gabi and candy and Trick-or-treating. I died. Also Evan. Bathroom. HILARIOUS.

The second short story is told from Rafe’s POV and that was so fun! I love how innocent the poor boy is! His girlfriend is a violent perv (love ya Gabi!) and he blushes at EVERYTHING. And omg Rafe and I have the same fear (SNAKES!!!) and that part cracked me up.

And the last story MADE ME WANT TO CRY. I was srsly holding back tears the entire time. I have a pretty good feeling I know what happened to Gabi’s mom (and sometimes I want to be like PUT IT TOGETHER GABI… if I’m right) but Gabi has a dream about her mom and then deals with some pretty painful memories. Gabi makes Rafe put his muscles to work by getting all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic (while resisting the urge to throw him down on the floor and have her way with him! HAHAHAHA) and it was just a very sweet, touching story (with NO DEMONS… which was actually okay).

I love Melissa’s writing and her dialogue! It’s the best part. I love how sassy Gabi is and how everything makes Rafe blush. I love how annoyingly endearing Evan is. And i just really enjoy how happy these characters make me feel. I LOVE IT when a book makes me laugh.

Sam’s Review:

I am so sad with how long I have to wait for the second book in this series, but this collection did tide me over… until it was over. Then I was whining that I wanted more again.

It’s hard to read anything with favourite characters involved. You want to see their highs and their lows, and An Autumn Dream does just that. I LOVED “Sweet Treat” because I thought the whole romance between Rafe and Gabi was just so tender and sweet. This particular story has some absolutely hilarious moments, mostly coming in the form of Gabi’s snappy dialogue. This story reminded me once again that Rafe is totally the boy you could bring home to your parents and they would think he’s too good for you! I admit, I love a good Halloween-themed story, and I think Gabi behaved the way i would have throughout most of that story. Dances? Ew.
The second story, “Indiana Rafe” had me rolling on the floor laughing. It is CRACK. I loved the interactions between Rafe and Evan in the first book. It was also told from Rafe’s point of view which made me SO HAPPY. I admit, I am a Rafe fangirl, but int his particular story I could have passed for an Evan fangirl. They were just so funny, and awkward, and it’s funny to think Rafe has fears, but he does, because he is adorkable. Also this had one of my favourite scenes in a book ever: Gabi SHOVING groceries in a bag because Rafe and Evan are dicking around in her story, and then the amazing cut eye she gives them. It was perfectly timed and wonderfully comedic. That scene made me laugh so hard and it was worth the price of the collection for Gabi’s death stare alone!

And finally, “An Autumn Dream” which is by far the most emotional story of the bunch and it shows. I had all the feelings while reading this one, and it might be because of how much I love Gabi and he whole family dynamic. She loves her family, and she responds in a way where she can be cruel, but it’s because she wants to be the right person in a lot of situations. In this story, we see less of that Gabi and more of one who is grieving and struggling to put her emotions together. I loved the way this story ends, and I adored the genuiness in Gabi and Rafe’s relationship.

All in all, if you loved The Sight Seer, you’ll love An Autumn Dream too. It’s a quick read, and if you loved these characters, Melissa provides more insanity, wonderful dialogue and the right amount of emotion into each story. Definitely check it out!