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Hiatus – Moving, COVID-19, and Life

Hi everyone!

Going to be taking a hiatus until the end of June as my husband and I bought a house during a pandemic. I can’t tell if this was a smart decision or a dumb one, but considering how bad our current living arrangement and having to practice social distancing, why not do it in place that makes you happy?

It’s going to make me a bit to unpack and deal with the potential change of working from home (I was temporarily laid-off by my work due to the pandemic), so I need time to get my life sorted and deal with my grief, and accept a new change.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. I hope you all practice safe social distancing. We shall be back with content once life settles down a bit!

All the best! ❤


Hiatus Until August

Hi everyone,

Blogging is going to go on hiatus for the month of July as my husband and I prepare to move to a new place. This means my time is mostly going to be focused on packing, cleaning, and generally trying not to die. I hope to come back with some stronger content, more reviews, personal posts. I also have a trip to Japan coming up as well, so you’ll definitely get some of that on the blog during the month of September.

I hate when life gets so crazy that things you consistently do fall to the wayside. However, this is a huge step for us and it needs to get done with a lot of care and focus. Please don’t forget about me! And who knows, maybe Molly will share some posts while I am gone like she did the last time. You never know. 😉



Sporadic Posting + Small Hiatus

Hi everyone who follows this little blog written by an awkward middle grade and YA loving library technician. I am in the process of selling the house that I live in, which means for the months of May and June, I may be super sporadic posting content on this blog. I am not going away forever, but with the processing of selling, finding a new place to live and then getting settled, it’s going to take up a huge part of my time and blogging is definitely going to fall along the way side.

Do not be alarmed! There will be book reviews, few little features, and updates. They just sadly won’t be super consistent. Please be super patient with me as I hope to be back in perfect blog form once my life has settled down a tiny bit. Perhaps I’ll come back talking about working in a public library and some bookish adventures that I hope to have over the summer.

All the best!