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I’m Getting Married! Also Library Shower!

Soooo, I may have been hinting at it for awhile (or some of you all just know, which ever) but I am getting married! In August! To man I’ve been with almost nine years! He’s adorkable, and I love him. It’s kind of crazy to think you could be with one person for a long time and then poof! You’re getting married! But yeah, I’m really excited to start the next phase of my life with my fantastic and quirky fiancée.

In any case, after talking with my mom and the amazing Kiki came up with the idea that for a bridal shower, we’d shower me in books. The reality is, I don’t need no pots, pans, etc, but I do need library resources. I’m training to be a children’s librarian and my friends and family are aware of this, so I challenged them to go shop in the children’s, middle grade, and YA sections of their local book stores OR select something that was a favourite of theirs from when they were growing up. The results are pretty crazy, let me tell you!






Needless to say, my family and friends spoiled me rotten (and apparently this isn’t all of it either, which scares the crap out of me). I am the type of person who would rather give gifts than receive them, so I was shocked at the out pour and love I received that day. It’s crazy to know and think how much people truly love you, and these women are some of the strongest, smartest, and most thoughtful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. I’m eternally grateful to each and every one of them. I only hope I do each one of them proud.

Looks like I’ll be on another book buying ban soon, because I have a lot of reading to do!