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This is not a review… I’ll save one for later, after I’ve read the next book but I just need to… I don’t even know. Rant. Flail. Rave. TALK about these freaking books! Because I read the first one, Obsidian, and was like ‘man… this was not as good as I was led to believe’ and then I went to sleep and had some stupid dream about it and then the next day I HAD to read the second book, Onyx. Which I just finished today, and it was thankfully better than the first one. The writing is still a bit iffy (which is weird because I LOVED the writing –and everything– about the HALF-BLOOD books… well, first book. I’m going to buy the rest when I go to the USA next week so I have physical copies) and Katy seriously is hot and cold for me but… I am DYING to read the next one. And would have if I didn’t have a bunch of new eARC’s to read (and I feel guilty for not getting to those in a timely fashion). 

But seriously. These books are like brian candy. And I want more!