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Hitachinaka Seaside Park



I work weekends, so it’s a little difficult to find time to explore around here with K, but I had last Saturday off so we went to Hitachinaka Seaside Park. We rode a tandem bicycle around the park and had a great time. There weren’t any flowers blooming yet, but we enjoyed the crisp air and sunshine regardless. The park has a traditional Japanese style house and we ate grilled potato slices and played traditional Japanese games. We also visited the amusement park and I made us ride on the tiny train for children. We rode across the entire park so I could see the ocean and we found a cafe made out of glass where we drank tea and ate spaghetti while looking out at the calm blue water.

I need more Saturday’s off from work.





K and I went on an adventure the other day. It was a wonderful way to start our winter vacation together.

Tonight we will drink and eat and say goodbye to the crappy year that 2012 was. Here’s to 2013! Happy New Year everyone!


In the USA we…

ImageWalked under the ocean

ImageSpent the night in a botanical garden

ImageTried to figure out the secret formula for Coca Cola

ImageDrank my weight in Vanilla Coke

ImageFigured out how to ride the MARTA train system

ImageLet Baby have the window seat on the airplane

ImageAnd ate taco’s in Texas