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The Trouble With ARCs – Book Chat

I love and feel insanely fortunate that River and I are able to get ARCs and share lots of reviews with all of you. For me personally, ARCs are both a blessing and a curse. How can an ARC be a curse you ask? Well, there’s the problems:

1) You want to read it immediately. I struggle with this every time I get a new ARC, be it paper of electronic. I look at it and go “I MUST READ YOU NOW”, except for the part where I’m already in the middle of other books and shouldn’t be jumping around too much.

2) Deadlines. While I’m very good about deadlines (I mark all the releases on my calendar), sometimes you’ll find you’ll have more than one book due the day. Depending on how fast a reader you are, this could be or might not be an issue for you. I’m a fast reader and even I feel overwhelmed sometimes!

3) Halts your TBR pile. I have a HUGE paperback and ebook TBR pile and I feel like ever since I started doing ARC reviews I’ve been behind on my own personal reading. I’ve been forcing myself to try and read as many non-ARCs as I can, but sometimes it’s difficult considering the deadlines or other circumstances.  I probably have over 200 books to be read and I question if I will ever get to all of them (book bans, how I loathe and love you).

So these are my three main issues with ARCs. As I’ve said before I feel blessed and fortunate that I can sometimes get them, but there’s a few draw backs of course to process. For those who read ARCs, how do you balance between them and your regular reading? For those who don’t, how do you stop yourself from reading the next big shiny thing in your pile when you’re already in the middle of something? Let me know int he comments!

And finally, I need your help. I’m sitting on a pile of ARCs and I don’t know which one to read after I complete Alexandra Bracken’s Never Fade (Book 2 of The Darkest Minds Trilogy). Generally I go by release date, but I have a few gems in this pile. Vote on my poll and tell me which ARC I should read next for review! 🙂 Which are you the most curious about? If I let River pick she’ll yell at me in all caps (Except, I love when she does that! She really does have awesome taste in books!)

We hope to have more book chats soon! Let me know what you think in the comments or if you have some suggestions for a book chat that you’d like to see River or myself cover. Happy Reading!