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Winter Biannual Bibliothon 2018 – Jan.20th – 26th

It is time for the first round of the Biannual Bibliothon! The Winter 2018 challenges are up and I am determined I am going to be participating, even though I have a very busy work week ahead of me. The group book this time around is Otherworld by Jason Segal and Kristin Miller, which I am debating on picking up. I put a hold on the audiobook so if it comes in, awesome, if it doesn’t I won’t stress about it. Truthfully, I think I’m going to just stick to the main six challenges and if I have time to do the group book, I will. Here’s a visual look at my TBR for the event!

The Challenges:

  1. Read a book you’ve never heard of: Heartwood Hotel: True Home by Kallie George
  2. Read a sequel: Heartwood Hotel: Great Gift by Kallie George
  3. Read a book about mental illness: A List of Cages by Robin Roe
  4. Read a book mention in another book/movie/tv show: Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (mentioned in Gilmore Girls!)
  5. Read a book under 200 pages. The Changeling by Sean Williams
  6. Read a backlist title: Palimpsest by C. M Valente (published in 2009)


Here’s hoping I can complete all of these by the 26th. Should be interesting. If you are participating in the Biannual Bibliothon, I’d love to know in the comments about what you are planning to read for the event.

Ten Books I Need to Get to Before 2016

So if you can all believe it, 2016 is on the horizon. In fact, there’s only a month and a bit to go… and I still have a crap ton of reading I want to get done. I know, I know, you’re all probably going “Sam, you read like a boss! How can you have stuff you haven’t gotten to yet?” Well, readers, I am such a damn mood reader that sometimes I put books off because I know I’m not in the right mood for it… yet. Which is a lot of the books you’re going to see on this list. However, I am bound and determined that before December 31st, I am getting to all of these. Here’s the ten books I need to get off my ass and read before the end of the year.


Things We Know By Heart by Jessi Kirby

So River turned me into this insane Jessi Kirby fan, and I’ve read all her books except for this one. River even GOT ME A COPY OF THIS DAMN BOOK. How have I not gotten to it yet? Well, it’s on a topic that is a little tough for me, and I know I will probably bawl like a baby when I finally do get off my ass and read it. Jessi Kirby writes such wonderful and powerful stories, so I need to get to this NAO.


Nobody’s Goddess by Amy McNulty

As a friend of the author’s, I feel like she should have bitch slapped me by now. The premise is crazy intriguing, and I love that it throws gender norms out the window. This should seriously be completely up my alley, so I feel like a butthole for not reading this yet. I suppose I need to drag my Kindle on my train rides to work again! Amy, yell at me some more until I read this. Every day until I read this. Seriously.


The Shadow Stealer by Melissa Giorgio

This is a ditto to the above book, minus the fact that it is the ending to an awesome series. I think I keep putting this one off because I don’t want it to be over, and I don’t want to ever forget about this spectacular characters. If you haven’t read this series and you love YA paranormal with some delightfully realistic characters, you NEED TO READ THIS SERIES. OMG.


The Girl Who Could Fly
by Victoria Forester

Back in October I had the pleasure of reviewing the companion book to this one, The Boy Who Knew Everything, and I LOVED IT. Victoria Forester has a very enchanting writing style, and this book was gifted to me by a lovely publishing friend who spoke insanely highly of it. Plus it’s not a chunky book, so I feel like I can fly through it.


Making Pretty by Corey Ann Haydu

I got this book back in August during the Frenzy Presents event, and while I read the other two books in my goodie bag, this one I kept holding back on. I have a feeling this one is going to be a good, tough read in terms of the subject matter. While I’ve heard mixed things about Corey Ann Haydu’s books, this one sounds like a great starting point for me, and I’ve been curious about getting into her work. Plus this cover is gorgeous.


Worlds of Ink and Shadow
by Lena Coakley

So more ditto to the above, but I discovered this book while at the Harper Collins Canada Frenzy Presents event. In fact, my ARC is even signed by the author to me.  This book comes out early January, and it focuses on the Bronte family. I’m not the biggest Brontes fan, but the premise for this book sounds delightfully charming and a little disturbing. I need to get on this before the release date. Yes I do.


Shattered by Kevin Herne

So this is book seven in the Iron Druid series, and um, it’s the only one I need to read to be caught up for January, since that is when book eight releases? Yeaaaaaaah…. this series is my candy, right up there with the Dresden Files. It’s cheeky, silly, Oberon is best dog (outside of my own dogs) and yeah, this series is just a ton of fun. Plus, I fly through these books! So there is kind of no excuse here.


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I am a huge Rainbow Rowell fan, though admittedly I wasn’t super excited for Carry On. However, considering how much I adore her books, I can’t leave one ignored and unread. I’ve heard some very mixed things about this one, mostly going from THE BEST BOOK EVAR to WOW, WHY DOES THIS EXIST. I want to make my own judgement call on this one, though I am sure I will find it quite enjoyable.


Winter by Marissa Meyer

Again we have another case of me not wanting to let go of a series. Seriously though, it’s the last Lunar Chronicles book. THE LAST ONE. I don’t know if I will be able to handle all the feelings that I am going to have with this series coming to an end. I love the world, the characters, the story, I just can’t get over how much Meyer has accomplished with this series, and I feel like it’s one everyone should read if they love fairy tale retellings. However, this is an 800 page beast, but I hope to whip through it.


The Lies About Truth by Courtney C. Stevens

I adored Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens, and I’ve been anticipating this second book from her since it was announced. Once again, however, I have not gotten off my butt to read it yet because of reasons. Mainly, I’ve heard this isn’t as solid as her first book, but I hope to make my own judgements in regards to it. It looks as though it’ll be both a fast and tough read — two of my favourite things.

We’ll see how I do in the month of December. I’ve got roughly a month to try and powerthrough all of these, as well as working through some of the early 2016 ARCs I have to get to (which I will because I always do one Sam read, one ARC read). I also have TWO BOOKS left in my Book Riot challenge that I need to fit in some how. One of them looks to be a very Sam read, the other… looks a little dense but do-able. I’ve also put myself on a library ban until the new year, so I do have library books I need to tackle as well. I am hoping I have a better reading month in December than I did in November (I was a little slumpy).

Here’s to a good reading month! What’s on your TBR that you need to get to before the year is up and what did you think of my picks above? Good? Bad? Am I wasting my time with any of them? Let me know your thoughts!

September TBR Shelf Challenge

A few weeks back I decided to count how many unread books I had. It wasn’t looking good: 219 (and I’m sure this doubled after my little trip to Book Outlet) unread books. I have a book case and half of unread books, and I decided that since I’ve been so good with catching up on my coming due ARCs, I’d use September to focus more specifically on my personal books. With eight shelves of unread books, I asked my co-blogger to pick a number. She picked seven and here’s the shelf I will be tackling for the month of September:


Excuse the dog bed in front of my shelf! But yes, this is one of my hardcover shelves that also have some oversized paperbacks as well. Every week on my Twitter (follow @merrygodown for more antics) I’d share my progress of how much of the shelf I’ve chipped away at. Since I have a long commute to my library job, I’m hoping to get quite a chunk of this shelf read. I also made the decision that if it’s not something I want to keep after I read it, I am going to put it in my donation bag. We’ll see how I do! See anything in the picture that I need to read right away? Let me know in the comments.

With this challenge as comes two other things: I am going on a book buying ban for… as long as I can. I have been receiving a lot of books lately and while I won’t stop the publisher stuff (I like keeping relations!), but me personally buying things is definitely happening for sure. The other thing is: I am going on a library book ban. This is going to be hilarious considering I start working at a public library next week. Let’s all have a good laugh here. Girl’s gotta try though, and if it means I can get through a whack of books and donate the ones I don’t want to lend or reread, then this is a good thing for me.

If you want to participate along with me for the month, use the hashtag #SeptShelfathon and work your way through a shelf of books! This also pairs nicely with the fact that RYBSAT Round 6 (Read Your Bookshelf-a-Thon) is happening towards the end of the month. I hope some of you will participate with me so we can widdle our TBRs down a bit more!


#PROJECTTBR READ-A-THON + What’s Up With Sam & River

While I’ve been insanely busy these last few weeks (you’ll notice new reviews by River and I but not a lot of non-review content), but I think I’m going to squeeze this one in because it sounds fun and casual. I owe you all a wrap up from OLA, as well as a few other featured posts I’ve been wanting to tackle (I have a list!). SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! READ THIS! is on a bit of a hiatus, but don’t worry, we will be back with a full vengeance as soon as life settles down somewhat on both our ends. (Curse you, beautiful, awesome, busy library school!). Anywho! A read-a-thon! I thought it’d be fun to tackle another one of these and it just so happens on is occuring from Feburary 16th to the 22nd, and is being hosted by Benjaminoftomes. You can check out his announcement video below! My goal for #PROJECTTBR is to just read as much as I can that week. It’ll be tricky considering I have an assignment and a test that week, but then I’m on field placement again (yaaaay!) so, why not? If I succeed, awesome, if I don’t, it’s okay too. Here are the five challenges he’s set up for the week, and this will be a good time to may be knock out a few physical books from my TBR, and I will list which books I will be reading next to the challenge. You’ll see a wrap up post on the Monday when it’s all over. 🙂 1) Read a Book Under 250 pages. — Into the Fire by Amanda Usen (which will also knock out a BookRiot Read Harder Challenge!) 2) Read a book over 500 pages. — How to Win At High School by Owen Matthews 3) Read a book with green on the cover. Mosquitoland by David Arnold 4) Read an Underrated Novel. The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow 5) Read a sequel to a book you’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Codex Born by Jim C. Hines (Book 2 of Magic Ex Libris series) And this is my goal for #ProjectTBR! Hopefully I can read all of these. Lemme know what you think of my choices in the comments!