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PSA: What’s Been Goin’ On

tumblr_m9jxxskNTO1ru6ubwo1_500You’re all probably wondering: “Holy crap, Sam and River do nothing but post reviews, omg they need to do more.” Truthfully, I agree with this sentiment. There’s definitely some changes coming, in particular is the triumphant return of my sexy, awesome, wonderful, amazing co-blogger in December who keeps me in check when I’m going a bit batty.

We do have some goodies coming up. I’m going to try and be more consistent with a monthly TBR and Books I’ve Acquired, though lately I’ve been flying off the handle because I find my mood has been shifting in all kinds of ways.

Yes, there will be more reviews. Why? Because River and I are sitting on an insane pile of ARCs and we want to be able to share our thoughts with you guys and hear your thoughts on some of what we are reading.

Yes, there will be more giveaways. I LOVE giving books away. Nothing puts a smile on my face more than someone winning a prize and then getting feedback from them. Seriously, we LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK.  In fact, we may be plotting another giveaway or two for the month of December.

There will be more book chats! We love book chats! It’s just been a tricky process to juggle lately. River has spent the last month helping her husband with graduate school and I am currently at library school on top of taking care of my mother who is a cancer patient. Book chats are something I love to plot out, but aren’t always possible. I’m going to try to make sure there’s more of them soon.

And finally, THANK YOU GUYS for supporting us. We do our best to provide great content and contests and we appreciate the likes and support. Hopefully, within 2014 we’ll have more than just book reviews, but I can’t make any promises quite yet!

Stick with us! There will be more fun posts soon!