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#TBRTakedown 6.0 & #TomeTopple TBRs

November seems to be the month of read-a-thons, which is awesome given I have such a strong desire to push through a lot of reads that I want to get to before the end of the year is up. Let’s be honest we have about a month and a half left of the year, and while I’ve read over 400+ books (remember I count comics!), I still have so many more titles I want to get to.

Enter #TBRTakedown and #TomeTopple read-a-thons. I’ve done both in the past and have enjoyed doing them immensely. #TBRTakedown 6.0 is being hosted by Shannon @ LeaningLights and is happening on Nov 18-22, 2017. The second is #TomeTopple, which is hosted by Samantha @ ThoughtsonTomes, and it runs from Nov. 17-30. The goal of Tome Topple is to tackle books over 500+ pages.

Here is my TBR for #TBRTakedown:

Here are the challenges that I am going to try and complete during the read-a-thon!

Oldest book on your shelf – Walking Home by Eric Walters

Most recent haul – Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust

Continuation in a series – The Girl Who Raced Fairyland All the Way Home (Fairyland #5) by Catherynne M. Valente

First book in a series – Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos (Theodosia Throckmorton #1)
by R.L. LaFevers

Out of your comfort zone – The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

And with #TomeTopple I am going to be counting The Librarian of Auschwitz as my ARC is over 500+ pages. If I finish that, then I am going to try and reach for another 500+ tome that is on my shelf. We shall see how this goes! Bit if you’re interested in either of these read-a-thons, check out Sam and Shannon’s channels for more.

Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge — Update #4 & Read-a-thon Outcomes

Hey guys! So it looks like I am overdue for a Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge update. As you saw, I did not do one for April as I was swamped with tests and exams, so I am combining it with the May Update. In April, this was the only challenge I completed.

#10: Read a Microhistory


At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson

For those of you unaware, I am quite the lover of Bill Bryson. He’s one of the few non-fiction writer’s out there who’s work I appreciate on so many different levels. I love the way in which he micros topics, making them accessible to those who may not be in the field of story or even just readable. He’s amazing in that he takes science, history, philosophy, and breaks them done in to easy-to-read chunks, offering a lot of humour and kindness into how he defines things. At Home is definitely an interesting read, though I found it to be a bit drier compared to some of his other works I enjoyed. The book has Bryson go through all the rooms of his Victorian home, and he basically goes into microscopic detail about how people lived or what the rooms were traditionally used for. It was both fascinating, and also boring. Still, I’m glad I read this chunker of a novel because when it was interesting, it was on like Donkey Kong.

In May I read…

#3: A Collection of Short Stories


Phantazein, edited by Tehani Wessely

I admit, I have not read a lot of short story collections. It’s not that I don’t enjoy short stories, but rather I need to be in the right frame of mind to read and explore them. I was given this book as a birthday present by my darling Katherine @ Ventureadlaxre, who is always recommending great Aussie authors for me (I am going to try and seek some good Canadian Literature on her as well). This book comes from FableCroft Press, where Katherine interns, and a lot of the stories in this collection are fairy tale retellings or fantasy stories. My favourite story in the collection easily was The Nameless Seamstress by Gitte Christensen. Such a vivid and gripping story about a seamstress! Also Tansy Rayner Roberts did a story and it was also made of fabulous. Seriously, there’s some fantastic stories in this collection, and it’s worth checking out.

#20: A Book You’d Consider a Guilty Pleasure


Into the Fire by Amanda Usen

I admit, I don’t really read sexytime novels very often. Oddly enough though, I got this from last year’s INSPIRE Book Fair (the author even signed it!) and I put it off until I could find a challenge that I could fit it into. This was actually better than I anticipated. Yes, this is not safe for the youngin’s as it’s pretty steamy, BUT the author did a great job of having two very stubborn, flawed individuals, and funny enough, those were the best moments in the story. If you like this sort of stuff, it might be worth checking out.

I also had the chance to participate in the #CrushYourTBR Read-a-thon, which happened from May 16th to the 18th, and it also overlapped with the Bout of Books Read-a-thon which started on the 11th and ended 18th. You can look at what I read for Bout of Books here. Here’s a picture of what I crushed during #CrushYourTBR:


Lastly, I participated in Read Your Book Shelf-a-thon (#RYBSAT) which happened from May 18th to the 25th. The goal of this read a thon is you select a shelf and then go left to right reading the book next to it, and you keep going. I chose a weird shelf that didn’t have any organization just because I have so many ARCs to get through. So here’s my ARC cubbie!


This is where my ARCs hide! Lots of great stuff on the shelf. Here are the three books I actually finished.


So I am happy with my results. However, I think I may pick a different shelf next time and focus more on my own books instead of stuff I need to review. All I really read in May was lots of graphic novels and ARCs so my regular books are suffering. I need to fix that. :X

Reading Plans in June

So outside of the fact that River and I have a contemporary novel a week we need to read for Summer Contemporary Fling event, I still have two more challenges I need to complete that my husband gave me. Here’s a refresher for that challenge:

1. To read The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie – Not completed yet.

2. Pew Pew Lasers Sci-Fi — Mobile Suit Gundam: THE ORIGIN volume 1: Activation by Yoshiyuki Tomino — Completed!

3. “I don’t know what it’s called but the cover is blue.” — Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin — Completed!

4. Deadpool stuff — Deadpool Classic Vol. 4 by Joe Kelly et al. — Completed!

5. Spy fiction — From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming. — Not completed yet.

The other event I am going to take part in is #TBRTakeDown, which is happening from June 1st to 7th. This one is hosted by Shannon @ leaninglights. Here’s the Introduction Video below.

So Shannon has some casual challenges for this read-a-thon, which I am going to try and complete? Next week is a tad busy, but I want to get as much reading as I can done.

1. A book that’s been on your TBR shelf over a year! From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming (yes this is cheating)
2. An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf. Stone in the Sky by Cecil Castellucci
3. A first book in a series on your TBR shelf. The Night Has Teeth by Kat Kruger
4. An “out of your comfort zone” book on le TBR shelf! Seducing the Playboy by Amanda Usen (STOP JUDGING ME. I blame INSPIRE!)
5. A book from your most recent book haul! The Sign of the Cat by Lynne Jonell or Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella (which is also cheating)


What are you planning to read in the month of June? Participating in any read-a-thons? Going to join River and I for our Summer Contemporary Fling? JOIN US. And have lots of fun! I can’t wait to find out what are some of your most anticipated reads that you cannot wait to get to this summer.

#Project TBR Results

This is going to be a quick post because I need to start getting ready for my field placement (starting today, woot). As I mentioned previously, I was participating in #projecttbr. It was a week long read-a-thon from February 16th to the 22nd, and the challenge was to read five books that fit particular themes. Sadly, I only completed three books. I’ll share with you the book and the challenge it completed.’

2) Read a book over 500 pages. How to Win At High School by Owen Matthews

3) Read a book with green on the cover. Mosquitoland by David Arnold

5) Read a sequel to a book you’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Codex Born by Jim C. Hines

I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t get to the other two books (I started another one yesterday and didn’t get very far).

Sadly for the next couple weeks it looks like I will be doing nothing but ARC reading. Meanwhile, checking my February stats so far since the month isn’t over yet, but all I’ve done this month is read ARCs. I liked a lot of them, but I fell behind in my own personal reading. Outside of the four March paper ARCs I have, I’ve decided March is going to be whatever I feel like reading. There will be reviews in March, don’t fret! But I am hoping to have some other content for you guys soon.

Hopefully next read-a-thon I’ll have better results! 🙂

#PROJECTTBR READ-A-THON + What’s Up With Sam & River

While I’ve been insanely busy these last few weeks (you’ll notice new reviews by River and I but not a lot of non-review content), but I think I’m going to squeeze this one in because it sounds fun and casual. I owe you all a wrap up from OLA, as well as a few other featured posts I’ve been wanting to tackle (I have a list!). SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! READ THIS! is on a bit of a hiatus, but don’t worry, we will be back with a full vengeance as soon as life settles down somewhat on both our ends. (Curse you, beautiful, awesome, busy library school!). Anywho! A read-a-thon! I thought it’d be fun to tackle another one of these and it just so happens on is occuring from Feburary 16th to the 22nd, and is being hosted by Benjaminoftomes. You can check out his announcement video below! My goal for #PROJECTTBR is to just read as much as I can that week. It’ll be tricky considering I have an assignment and a test that week, but then I’m on field placement again (yaaaay!) so, why not? If I succeed, awesome, if I don’t, it’s okay too. Here are the five challenges he’s set up for the week, and this will be a good time to may be knock out a few physical books from my TBR, and I will list which books I will be reading next to the challenge. You’ll see a wrap up post on the Monday when it’s all over. 🙂 1) Read a Book Under 250 pages. — Into the Fire by Amanda Usen (which will also knock out a BookRiot Read Harder Challenge!) 2) Read a book over 500 pages. — How to Win At High School by Owen Matthews 3) Read a book with green on the cover. Mosquitoland by David Arnold 4) Read an Underrated Novel. The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow 5) Read a sequel to a book you’ve been wanting to read for awhile. Codex Born by Jim C. Hines (Book 2 of Magic Ex Libris series) And this is my goal for #ProjectTBR! Hopefully I can read all of these. Lemme know what you think of my choices in the comments!

Bout of Books 12.0 Read-a-thon! – Completion!


So I have to admit, I think Dragon Age: Inquisition beat out my last week of holidays, though I’m proud of the small dent I made during the Bout of Books 12.0 Read-a-thon.  I didn’t do daily updates (I find that always a bit overwhelming), but I figure I’d share my stats for the event because I did manage to read a fair bit, even if I didn’t entirely get to that TBR I made (I got to some of the books, not all).

Here’s what I completed:

1) My Heart And Other Black Holes – 320 pages (ARC, Review coming soon!)

2) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven – 384 pages (ARC, Reviewed!)

3) The Day the Dead Came to Show and Tell by Mira Grant – 84 pages (e-Novella)

4) The Baby-Sitters Club: Claudia and Mean Janine (Baby-Sitters Club Graphic Novels #4)
by Raina Telgemeier  & Ann M. Martin – 176 pages (Graphic Novel)

5) El-Deafo by Cece Bell – 233 pages (Graphic Novel)

6) Batwoman, Vol. 3: World’s Finest (Batwoman Vol. II #3) by J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman – 168 pages (Graphic Novel)

7) Amulet, Vol. 4: The Last Council (Amulet #4) by Kazu Kibuishi – 209 pages (Graphic Novel)

8) Rutabaga the Adventure Chef: Book 1 (Adventure Chef #1) by Eric Colossal – 128 pages (Graphic Novel ARC, Review coming soon!)

So in total I read 8 books (2 books, 1 novella, 5 graphic novels) and my page count was 1702 pages. Not too shabby considering I’m getting ready for my LAST SEMESTER EVER and playing a lot of DA:I and writing articles. I wish I had read less graphic novels, except for the part where I’m not because I adore graphic novels and tend to binge on them. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can finish one more book before the read-a-thon is over (I’m about 79% into Inked by Eric Smith for review, and it’s okay…).

Also related by unrelated, remember how I said I was doing the Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge? Well, I’m 3/24 books read for it. I’ll try to post a bit of my progress at the end of the month so I can show you guys where I’m at with that. Any who, here’s hoping to more productive reading and less Dragon Age! (Oh who am I kidding, there’s never less Dragon Age.)

Bout of Books 12.0 Read-a-thon!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 5th and runs through Sunday, January 11th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 12 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog.



This seems like an overly ambitious TBR for this read-a-thon, doesn’t it? Well, my last semester of library classes doesn’t start until the following week, so I thought this would be a great opportunity since I love read-a-thons and during  my library classes, it’s impossible to participate in anything fun that is bookish without freaking about about tests! and assignments! and cataloguing! AHHHHH! My TBR has been selected based on ARCs that I need to get off my butt and read, and some of them fit my 2015 reading challenges such as the Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge, as well as my personal Month By Month Challenge (where in I let my twitter followers select 12 books, and I must read one of them each month).

Anywho, here’s what I’ve selected for the read-a-thon:

Horns, by Joe Hill (borrowed)

The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson (Month By Month Challenge)

My Heart & Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga (ARC + Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge)

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven (ARC + December’s SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! READ THIS! Pick)

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson (ARC + Book Riots 2015 Read Harder Challenge)

Batwoman: World’s Finest Vol 3 by J.H Williams III (because I love Batwoman)

Hopefully I can get through all of these within the week. I’ll be proud of myself if I even get through two of them. The reason? Well, Dragon Age: Inquisition has been kind of stealing my life and I am super duper in love with it. LOOK AT MY QUNARI LADY! SHE IS PRETTY!

qunari herald

Anywho, here’s to everyone’s success during the read-a-thon! 😀

ARC August Update #1 & #shitihavetoomanybooks Read-a-thon Wrap-up!


ARC August Challenge!

 This Challenge is Hosted by Octavia over at Read. Sleep. Repeat (Sign Up Post Linked!)

Here are the ten ARCs I am going to attempt to complete this month.

  • The Rise of Aurora West by Paul Pope (Release Date: September 30th)
  • I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson (Release Date: September 16th)
  • Sparkers by Eleanor Glewwe (Release Date: September 30th)
  • Spirit’s Key by Edith Cohn (Release Date: September 9th)
  • The Evidence of Things Not Seen by Lindsey Lane (Release Date: September 16th)
  • Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang (Release Date: September 9th)
  • The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place by Julie Berry (Release Date: September 23rd)
  • Firebug by Lish McBride (Release Date: September 23rd)
  • 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith (Release Date: September 2nd)
  • Feral by Holly Schindler (Release Date: August 26th)

So I did pretty good this first week and completed three ARCs, all with reviews coming soon on the blog. I think my pace is going good and steady, but we’ll see how things go and if I will be able to keep it up.

#shitihavetoomanybooks Read-a-thon Wrap Up

So Regan @ Peruse Project came up with the idea of doing a casual read-a-thon to whittle down massive TBRs. You’ve all seen my Shelf of Shame so I probably need many read-a-thons in order to take my TBR down, so let’s face it: I’m screwed for awhile since I have a book buying problem. I’m considering jumping back on my book buying ban again (I’ve still been really good these last few months not buying books but still…).

In any case, I think I made really good progress as the event ran from August 1st until August 8th at midnight. I managed to read ten books for it! I’m kinda lazy and don’t have a picture to share, but here’s a list:

  • Saga Volumes 1-3 by Brian K. Vaughan
  • 100 Sideways Miles by Andrew Smith
  • The Art of Getting Stared At by Laura Langston
  • Sex Criminals Volume 1 by Matt Fraction
  • Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
  • The Rise of Aurora West by Paul Pope
  • Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula by Andi Watson

Yes, I realize I read a lot of graphic novels and I’m sure you’ll all remind me I’m a cheater but I love graphic novels and I had a few on my review plate so I figured I’d knock them out. I loved all these books and a few of them you’ll see reviews for soonish.

… I’m still trying to get used to the fact that I am going to be a married woman in week. Well see how my reading progress goes for the next little while!