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Late to the Party ARC Review – In the End by Demitria Lunetta

18712520Title:  In the End

Author: Demitria Lunetta

Rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis: It s been three months since Amy escaped New Hope, and she s been surviving on her own. Then one day Amy gets a call from Kay and hears the four words she had hoped she would never hear: “Dr. Reynolds has Baby.” Now it s a race against time, for Baby is in imminent danger, her life threatened by the malevolent doctor who helped start the end of the world. Amy must make her way to Fort Black, a prison turned survivor colony, where she will need to find Ken, Kay s brother, who holds the key to Baby s survival.

One small slipup on this quest might not only cost Baby and Amy their lives but could also threaten the survival of the people in the After.

Huge thank you to Harper Teen and Edelweiss for this ARC!

Sam’s Review:

In the After gave me all the feels. In the End gave me all the feels quadrupled. There’s something to be said about an emotionally charged post-apocalyptic novel, that yes, is about survival, but Lunetta gives us more than just instinct — this idea that you do need others to keep you sane. Amy goes rogue in this book after her beloved Baby has been stolen from her, and it sends her on the rescue mission that may not have been exactly what she thought it was when she started.

Lunetta does this amazing job of building tension and giving the reader the tools they need to understand what is going on in Amy’s mind and the world. Since this is also a direct continuation, there’s no hand holding either — this world is sick, twisted, and the humans might be far worse than the creatures they are trying to eliminate. For me, however, it was Amy’s personal journey that just kept me moving through the book, she had to save Baby, she had to make sure she was okay — their interactions were my favourite part of the first novel.

I really enjoyed a lot of the character motives in this book too. A lot of the characters are malicious, with the intent that they think they are saving people when in actuality, they are the real monsters. A lot of what these characters do are so unforgivable, so when someone is sincere in the story, it’s almost jarring because this world is such a crappy place. I liked Jacks and Brenna, and I thought they were great. I loved Amy’s maturity in the story, it’s a forced kind but very symbolic to how her world has transformed around her.

I’m not going to spoil any of this book or the series, but there were a few parts in this book that made me really emotional. I could feel like heart break in parts because the intensity and the emotion was just so spot on throughout. If you haven’t checked out this series and you want a strong zombie or survival narrative, look no further.

happy halloween


Zombies scare the hell out of me. And not in some trendy-hipster omg-I-love-The-Walking-Dead kinda way.

As do: snakes, horror movies, needles, heights, roller coasters, financial debt, cancer, and getting lost. Just to name a few.

But I do enjoy the occasional creepy-crawly. Especially at Halloween time.

What are you afraid of???